Breathe To A Better Birth


The Class

The Class

Breathe to a Better Birth is an affordable, down to earth and highly practical birthing class. Our classes run by our handpicked teachers include a powerful audio CD to use at home or in hospital to help you stay focused and in control.


Breathe to a Better Birth is open to all and not dependent on any faith or religion. It is welcomed by midwives, antenatal practitioners, yoga and NCT teachers and is complementary not exclusive.

There are four stages in our teaching.

Stage 1: Awareness

  1. Of what you are feeling rather than thinking.
  2. That other people’s stories are not yours.
  3. An open mind to focus on the potential for natural birth.
  4. That your body is designed to give birth.
  5. That birth triggers the most powerful endorphins, which are designed to protect you
  6. How birth is spiritual, creative and wise!

Stage 2: Knowledge

  1. Learn how the body is beautifully equipped for natural childbirth.
  2. Learn how fear can cause us to create a stressful experience.
  3. Learn that your state of mind is the key to a calm and natural birth.
  4. Surrender to the wisdom of your body.

 Stage 3. Meditation

  1. Guides you to reach profound states of relaxation.
  2. Shows you how to bond with your unborn child with love and grace
  3. Guides you to trust your body to birth.

Stage 4. Anatomy

  1. Specific breathing techniques for all the physical stages of birth.

Your investment

The recommended fee for our 2 hour classes is £65 per couple and £55 for one person.

Happy Parent

“Karen’s class was completely transformative and after just 2 hours I left feeling more self-empowered than I had felt after doing an entire 4 week birthing course.  My husband felt able to confidently support me through a natural, drug free delivery. Karen teaches powerful truths about birth, together with breathing and meditative techniques designed to alleviate fear and help the birthing process. I left feeling at peace, aware and capable and I looked forward to the birth. Daniel was born after just a 6 hour labour, at 3.5 kgs, with no pain relief and no tearing.  I played Karen’s audio CD during the labour and found her voice helped keep me focused and calm.  I recommend this work to all new mums I meet. Karen restores faith in childbirth as a beautiful life-affirming gift” Janie Potteiger


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