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When we change negative and inherited beliefs about birth we can create our own powerful experience

Much of my work with work with birth is about understanding how our thoughts and emotions affect our births and how we can control the emotions of fear, stress and anxiety to create better birth... Read more +


Purchases in the shop are for DOWNLOADS/MP3 FILES AND NOT PHYSICAL CD’s MP3 files took CDs a step further, compressing audio data down to a manageable file size — and it still sounds great! Try... Read more +

Midwives told to involve fathers in maternity care

Midwives are being asked to make more of an effort to involve fathers-to-be in maternity care. The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) says too often the dad is left out of the process. It suggests... Read more +

Natural Childbirth without drugs

Professor says that mother and child would benefit if the ‘epidural epidemic’ gave way to yoga, hypnosis and birthing pools. His opinion has many people up in arms but has he got a point. Read... Read more +