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Birth is a major transition for a baby, which involves a journey from darkness to light

A woman’s body is “designed” for birth. However, birth can also be momentous and great forces are brought to bear on mother and baby whether he/she arrives via the birth canal , or comes “out of the sunroof” by caesarean.

Both the mother and baby’s body can be assisted to unravel the stresses and strains caused by birth, which could otherwise contribute to postnatal and early life issues. It is a common misconception that cranial osteopathy is just for babies – both mum and baby usually find treatment calming and comforting.

“Normalising the structure of the newborn head ranks among one of the most valuable and significant procedures in preventative medicine today. Its potential for good in the first few hours of life far exceeds what may be accomplished later.”
Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation.

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