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When we change negative and inherited beliefs about birth we can create our own powerful experience

Much of my work with work with birth is about understanding how our thoughts and emotions affect our births and how we can control the emotions of fear, stress and anxiety to create better birth outcome.

The benefit of techniques to control stress, such as hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness etc is no longer anecdotal. We live in extraordinary times when our neuro scientists, quantum physicists and spiritual leaders, are working together and discovering how our brain circuitry really works, the biology of our belief systems and how we interact and interface with each other
Apparantly, we are no longer captive to our inheritance.

We have the ability to shape our genetics and create what we want by learning how to influence the environment of our cells (Bruce lipton, the Biology of Belief) and our whole bodies communicate … not just our brains … (Candice Pert, the Molecules of Emotion)

However, when I look at whether women are applying this empowerment to childbirth, I have my doubts. Epidural rates over 50% of births, C-section rates over the recommended target of .. and many women choosing to opt out of physiological birth altogether, suggests that there is a disengaging from the power of our bodies and an opt in to clinical management and risk aversion.