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Teacher Training

The Teacher Training

BBB is now available as an accredited teacher training programme and is perfect for all antenatal educators, pregnancy yoga and NCT teachers, doulas, midwives, meditation/mindfulness teachers and mums who want to make a difference in the birthing world

BBB is the choice of training for Chelsea and Westminster Midwives who are piloting BBB classes for their birthing mums at hospital

Combining digital home based learning, including an entire film of a BBB class, with face to face classroom study, mentoring and business support, BBB aims to get you teaching quickly, with confidence and authority

The BBB training was developed by Karen to provide a contemporary 2.5 hour, affordable birthing class which fuses the essence of hypnobirthing with powerful but simple meditation and breathing techniques and a positive awareness that giving birth is life affirming not life draining

“As a hypnobirthing teacher of nearly 20 years and an advanced meditation/mindfulness teacher, I wanted to offer a flexible, solutions-focussed, contemporary class to reach a greater number of people with a combination of powerful but easy techniques which make a real difference at birth”

Breathe to a Better birth has been trialled over 7 years and has taken into account the feedback of mums and birthing professionals. The 2.5 hour class fits in with busy and stressful lives and everyone can learn the techniques quickly and effectively, without the need to understand hypnosis protocols or attend several sessions. The class is backed by a comprehensive 45 minutes audio and a concise manual which is delivered digitally from the BBB website. BBB teachers can get on with teaching and rely on the BBB website to support their clients

In addition, you are supported by your own mindfulness meditation audio and fear release audio which will help you to understand your own occupational and workplace stress

For teachers who want to train, BBB offers the training as a part home based and part classroom study, to be completed over a period of 6 months or less. Teachers have the benefit of an entire BBB filmed class split into teaching sections and backed by clear guidance notes, plus background articles exploring some of the most current topics surrounding birth and beyond. The study is pulled together in the face to face classroom which concentrates on experiential teaching practice. In addition we offer you excellent BBB marketing materials and business advice to help you get started right away.

“You become part of my Breathe to A Better Birth teaching family which entitles you to mentoring, study days and unrestricted class observation with Karen. As we grow so will you, enjoying many opportunities to share our success

All of the training materials are delivered by Karen’s bespoke BBB training website:


BBB -The opportunity:

  • BBB Is independentand not hampered by restrictive codes of practice
  • Is growing slowly and surely and has great testimonials from trial teachers and clients
  • Is affordable – £500 per person – group schemes negotiable
  • Is contemporary, up to date, colourful and fun
  • Is backed by affordable materials supplied direct to your clients by the BBB shop
  • You should easily recoup your investmentwithin a few months


Your package

  • Entirefilmed class for home study
  • Filmed practical tipsfor each of the 4 class modules
  • Inspirational birth footage
  • Comprehensive guidance notespacked full of useful suggestions and how to structure your class
  • Informative background reading – the context of BBB
  • Best code practice and ethical guidelines
  • Marketing materials and business adviceto help you get started
  • Mentoringincluding unlimited free access to Karen’s classes
  • Study daysand networking
  • Flexible payment terms if required


Next steps

Once you have graduated and met the terms and conditions you’ll get:

  • Teacher certification
  • Approval to use the Breathe to a Better Birth logo and brand
  • Opportunity to purchase at cost professionally designed marketing materials including business card, flyers, posters
  • Website listing
  • Meditation audio and manual for your client’s from the BBB shop



Your investment

£500 for the entire training package

Marketing materials – artwork at cost

BBB audio/manual – purchased directly from the BBB shop by your clients – saving you time and money

Contact with Karen – further training as required

Once you have signed up we will deliver everything in one easy access package with all instructions from the www.breathetoabetterbirth training website

This is a highly comprehensive training packaged packed with detail, knowledge gleaned from Karen’s own experience as a birth teacher for nearly 20 years and influenced by her own powerful conception to birthing story. She combines so much into this training and helps you to deliver a class free from fussy protocols and lengthy modules. It is really inspirational and it works. I have trialled BBB with my clients and it makes a real difference” Pamela, Mother Earth Doula

The class modules include:

How to reframe negative inherited beliefs about birth and re – educating powerful birthing physiology

How to encourage class interactions in a positive informative manner

How to teach and illustrate that fear and anxiety creates a stressful birth not a natural birth and how the 2 are completely distinct but can be close together

The essential BBB breathe, relax and birth meditation – utilising breathing, relaxation, affirmation and visualisation and connection with the spiritual/subconscious right brain experience of birth

How to breathe with the movements at birth – 3 stages

How to structure  and apply home practice

Happy Teacher

“I met Karen Mander a few years ago and was instantly struck by her passion, her enthusiasm, insight and down to earth ways.  Meeting Karen was like a calling for me, to move further on my journey by learning how to teach individuals/couples how to Breath to a Better Birth.  It just seemed like a natural and organic way forward. I feel blessed to have trained with Karen and I believe every woman can have a positive and uplifting birth experience and that by knowing and understanding these methods will leave you feeling empowered, calmer and in control of your birth. I am delighted to be part of the Breath To a Better Birth team.” Pamela Rogers, Doula and Breathe to a Better Birth Teacher

Interested in becoming a teacher?

BBB is an accredited, comprehensive, digital training programme with filmed footage of an entire class, 2 days of classroom work, mentoring and  business support

Delivered by www.breathetoabetterbirthtraining.com

 If you are interested  simply email me now on karen@breathetoabetterbirth.com

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