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Who We Are

Breathe to a Better Birth was founded by Karen and her husband, Simon Prideaux DO, an Osteopath who specialises in infant feeding issues. He is a Tongue-tie practitioner and member of the Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners. Simon is also a Medical Herbalist (MRCHM) and Acupuncturist (MBAcC)  who supports mothers to be during pregnancy and after delivery.  

Both Karen and Simon have an interest in conception, birth and early life and its influence on health and wellbeing for the entire family and society as a whole.

Karen has had a long standing interest in womens’ empowerment, meditation and mindfulness  and in the ability of conception and birth to bring a woman’s “all of life” issues to powerful fruition – see karen’s own story in this section.

In her pre-teaching life she co-founded and took to a successful sale her own public relations consultancy and also holds a degree in Law

However, her adult passion lies in the mind, body and spirit industry and specifically, the relationship between spiritual energy and physicality. Her field of study also embraces epigenetics and quantum physics and its interface with health and wellbeing. She is currently writing a book referencing her own life experience with the science of meditation and mind, body, spirit awareness

BBB draws on her own long standing experience with meditation and its ability to radically influence wellbeing and her awareness of the importance of our breath is heavily reflected in her BBB teaching:

“When we breathe in love and breathe out fear we realise that every breath is an opportunity to empower our birth with boundless energy and joy. Everyone will have her own experience of childbirth, influenced by her physiology, genes and subconscious life.  However, there is a default position for birth to unfold naturally, without uncontrollable discomfort. When we learn to use our breath to surrender to the potential rather than the fear, we can override challenges and welcome new life not fight it” – Karen Mander, CEO and Founder, Breathe to a Better Birth   

This highly successful teaching is shifting consciousness about birth. More than just controlling the mind, it reconnects you to your right to birth your baby in peace and joy. Use it independently or alongside your other birth preparation


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