Breathe To A Better Birth


Karen’s Story


I conceived my son, age 44, despite a difficult gynaecological history, including the removal of a tumour from my womb and a blood transfusion. However, I came to realise that if my body had been able to conceive it would also be able to birth. As a long term meditator and teacher of self-empowerment, I knew that my breath, inner calmness and focus would assist me. My conception was considered a million:one rarity as I had not menstruated for 2 years and was considered hormonally deficient. There was no medical intervention but lots of rest and spiritual support I decided on a home birth, but found it difficult to find a midwife to assist me.

I was considered high risk and was met with a barrage of “what if”’ worries: What if I haemorrhage?, what if the placenta separates from thewomb lining?. To me, it seemed wrong to focus on the “what if’s” before they had happened, and to ignore the “my body has recovered and is able to birth powerfully and safely” I eventually found a wonderful midwife who was prepared to assist me at home. I went beyond 42 weeks of gestation, increasing the pressure for induction and a hospital delivery. Mine and my baby’s vital signs were fine. I decided to meditate, speak to my son and ask him to birth with me and, the next morning, everything kicked in. My trust in my body was well founded. We birthed in just 6 hours of gentle contractions and strong downward “urges”. My waters didn’t break and he was born in his membranes. My partner, Simon delivered him before the midwife arrived. He weighed 91b 3oz. I remained calm and relaxed throughout. I felt very peaceful and powerful. There was only one time I felt vulnerable without a midwife with me and this was at transition. As soon as I registered anxiety, I felt my womb momentarily stop functioning and the contractions stop. Simon helped me to come back to my breath and my body and everything resumed. The midwife arrived to assist me with the placental delivery. My birth was the culmination of many years of experience as a self awareness teacher, meditator and spiritual guide. I felt blessed to use my life’s work so powerfully when birthing my son. I had a deep insight into the spiritual/creative promise of birth, which is longing for engagement and how fear can influence the outcome.

I later qualified as a HypnoBirthing teacher to help other women to achieve the birth of their dreams. In fact, I don’t see it as a dream, I see it as becoming aware of the reality, rather than the fiction! I have taught hundreds of couples these techniques and continue to do so for more information visit

Breathe to Better Birth was born when I decided to develop a shorter, highly focused and practical class, drawing on the spiritual experience of birth. It is my experience that if we truly believe and trust that our bodies have the potential to birth naturally, we can quickly and effectively learn how to focus our minds on creating this outcome. If we open up and surrender to the spiritual grace of birth, we bring love not fear to our experience.

Breathe to a Better Birth has been inspired by many others and Karen gives special thanks to Maria Mongan, the Founder of HypnoBirthing, the practice and teachings of Kriya Yoga, the gentle heart-felt support of her partner, Simon, and the love she receives from her son, John-Duncan.


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