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“Karen is a rare breed – sensitive, compassionate and a great teacher. She helped me immensely with my 3rd birth experience.” indeed

Christina Tyson

“I came to your class twice for my first baby. I benefited from it so much so that baby Isla came naturally within 20 hours of leaving the class. I felt able to just let go. I’m now on my 2nd BBB baby.”

Bella Gomez

“My second child was conceived at the age of 50 and I needed support, as my first birth was traumatic. I attended Karen’s meditation and breathe classes leading up to the birth and listened to her audio cd in the labour ward. Jagadamba attended me as a doula and pregnancy yoga teacher. Her knowledge as a birth professional and as a Breathe to a Better Birth teacher was instrumental in helping me to have a natural delivery. Whilst there were challenges at transition, the ability to calm my fears and to breathe, relax and trust was essential. I was delighted that I experienced natural delivery and had times of real peace and surrender.”


“In the end instance my birth was not completely what I hoped for, but this class made me 100% confident that I had prepared well and could agree with the choices made. I never felt out of control. This was a gift for me. I remain open-minded about my next one.”


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